Universal Alarm Annunciator

Universal Alarm Annunciator

The Universal Alarm Annunciator has been developed to provide a complete solution for most applications, from a single generator to a complete plant.

The UAA2004 can be used as a standalone unit or may be networked to form part of a distributed system with information displayed on a Human Machine Interface (HMI) or a Surveillance Control & Data Acquisition System (SCADA).

The ‘Universal’ title has been given because of the many standard features available with this unit. Each digital channel can be configured for, N/O or N/C operation, with an automatic inhibit and to initiate a group output or shutdown output. Additionally each channel has an adjustable on and off time delay. There is a ‘First Up Alarm’ indication which can be disabled if required. When connected to an HMI or SCADA these features may be configured ‘online’ via password control.

Additional outputs may be added to provide control functions such as, Standby Pump, Fan, Temperature and Pressure control.

To download the full product specification in PDF format please click here.