Marine Repairs by P&S Automation
Marine Repairs by P&S Automation

Service repairs from our experienced team of engineers

Our experienced team of engineers are available to travel to your site/vessel and carry out service repairs.

Prior to accepting a job we will request details of the repair that is required and then choose the best suited engineer for the job.

If we feel that the repair is beyond our capabilities we will advise the customer prior to acceptance.

Please contact us for further details.

Boiler Control Repair

The auxiliary boilers on a 5 year old 500,000 tonne tanker had not been working in automatic mode for over 6 months, this was resulting in low discharge rates due to inefficient operation, manual operation also increased the risk of accidents. Two other service companies had already attended and failed to repair the problem.

P & S Automation carried out some research, ordered the required software tools and where then able to reconfigure the Yamatake SDC40B controllers allowing the boilers to once again operate in automatic.

Main Engine Control System Repair

We were called to a vessel at see with a large Sulzer engine and Westinghouse control system. The engine would not try to start in Astern until the engine had come to a complete stop, starting air was supposed to be turned on to act as braking air to slow the engine and then start it in the opposite direction, this was not occurring.

We were given a 1 hour window to find the fault, we found this fault within 40 minutes, we were then given a 2 two hour window later in the day to carry out the repair, the repair was completed within 50 minutes.

Yamatake SDC40B & SDC40A Controllers

We have built up experience programming and configuring Yamatake SDC40B and SDC40A Controllers. These have been used extensively on ships built in the far east on various systems including Boiler Control Systems.

We are able to offer competent service in Europe and beyond.

Service Example

We were asked to attend a twenty year old gas carrier that was about to be sold. The ship operated with an Unmanned Machinery System (UMS) and the computerised alarm system had failed. We were able to effect a temporary repair within 2 hours and returned the next day with spares to carry out the repair so that it would last.

Diesel Generator Control System Repair

When only two out of four generators could be run due to problems with the speed detection equipment, P & S Automation solved the problem. We obtained classification society (LRS) approval, procured the required new equipment, built it up, installed and commissioned it within 4 days, this allowed the vessel to maintain its program.

Bridge Control Telegraph Repair

The stepper motor control card for one telegraph lever was found to be missing.

We sourced a new motor and control card, which was fitted and commissioned on our next visit to the ship.

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