Planned Maintenance Schedule

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Planned Maintenance Schedule

Well planned and executed periodic maintenance is essential

The Integrated Automation Systems (IAS) fitted to modern ships, are extremely complex, but are critical for safe and efficient operation of the vessels. To reduce expensive and potentially dangerous breakdowns of the IAS, well planned and executed periodic maintenance is essential.

P & S Automation Ltd can offer this maintenance service and our recommendations for a schedule are detailed below. A simplified maintenance plan is available to download.


  • Testing and calibration of UMS sensors and alarm channels.
  • Internal Resistance testing of all UPS sealed lead acid batteries to indicate battery condition and life expectancy.
  • IR Thermographic Survey of switchgear and transformers.
  • Check status of IAS Outstation power supplies and modules, looking for failures of part of each redundant pair.
  • Tightness check and general inspection of all outstations, workstations and control panels.

2 1/2 Yearly

  • Inspection of all switchgear, including tightness checks on all terminals and connections.
  • Internal Resistance testing of all sealed lead acid batteries onboard the vessel to indicate battery condition and life expectancy.
  • Replace PLC backup batteries in accordance with manufacturer recommended guidelines for battery life.
  • Clean fans and filters in desktop cabin computers, SMS server and IAS server. Replace any defective fans and filters beyond repair.
  • Inspection and cleaning of IAS workstations

5 Yearly

  • Backup of all ships hard disks onto external drive which is taken back to company offices.
  • Replacement of all hard drives with moving parts, (normal hard disks) using a clone of the existing drive or backups where necessary depending on the condition of the drive.
  • Replacement of filters for cooling fans on all IAS machines and workstations, as well as any server equipment.
  • Backup of all programs from every PLC onboard taken back to company offices. This allows both easy recovery from system failure due to corruption of the PLC program, as well as enabling simple replacement of CPU modules from the relevant PLCs which can be programmed off site and sent to the vessel ready to fit.
  • Testing and calibration of sensors and alarm channels not included in yearly UMS tests.
  • Replacement of sealed lead acid batteries that have been identified as weak or have already failed from yearly testing.
  • Overhaul of Pneumatic control components, as a minimum replacing all soft seals.

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