HarbourWatch by P&S Automation

The GSM Ship-to-Shore Monitoring & Alarm System that keeps you in touch

HarbourWatch is an essential tool for all Tugs and other Work Boats that are not manned 24 hours a day. It will monitor critical systems such as Bilge Water Level, Fire, Intruder, H2S Gas (or other gases) and Battery Voltage then text up to five different mobile numbers to alert duty holders when an alarm occurs. Alternatively, the duty holder can make spot checks on a vessel’s status by simply sending a message that initiates a live report.

When the vessel is manned, HarbourWatch performs the duty of an alarm panel. It can also integrate with existing monitoring systems.

Dual Band GSM. Setting up text messaging couldn’t be easier. The mobile phone numbers are stored in HarbourWatch during installation but can be amended at any time by simply sending a text message to the unit. To use the remote status check simply text STA and minutes later you should receive a report in the following format:

How much easier can it be to provide safe, round the clock monitoring of vessels without the high expense?
HarbourWatch is always on message.

Simplified System Overview

HarbourWatch by P&S Automation



The unit is built into a IP65 steel enclosure 300w x 300h x 210d. It is powered by the 24Vdc supplies from the main batteries.
A console mounted version is available.

Inputs Monitored

1. Port Battery 2. Stbd Battery 3. Fire – Engine Room 4. Fire – Accommodation 5. Intruder – Saloon 6. Intruder – Bridge 7. H2S Gas 8. Aft Bilge 9. Midships Bilge 10. Fwd Bilge

HMI Display

The touch screen HMI display indicates the Harbour- Watch alarm status and allows the operator to interrogate the system when the vessel is manned. From the HMI screen the alarm set-points, alarm text and message phone numbers can be changed subject to a security password being inserted. The HMI display can be fitted in the main Harbour- Watch enclosure or console mounted separately if required.

Siren Operation

When set to ‘ashore’ mode, the siren will operate for ‘intruder alarms’ only, the buzzer will sound for all alarms. If not silenced by the ‘mute’ key the siren will stop after 10 minutes and then restart after 1 hour (this sequence is repeated until the alarm is muted), at the same time a new text will be issued. When in ‘onboard’ mode the buzzer will sound for all alarms except the ‘intruder’. The siren is muted by the ‘mute’ key.

Remote Status Request

A remote status request can be obtained from the unit by sending a text message. The unit will send a text message back detailing the current status.

Mobile Phone Set Up

Initially the mobile phone numbers required will be programmed into the unit. Once in operation, modification of the stored numbers can be achieved by sending a text message.

Typical Bilge Level Sensors

A pre-made socket and cable assembly is used to connect from Pepperl & Fuchs Ultrasonic Sensors to the HarbourWatch, however existing sensors can be re-used.

Bilge Pump Operation

The unit can be used to control a Bilge Pump.

Typical H2S Gas Sensor

Zellweger Analytics ‘Sensepoint’ unit are employed This will detect 0 to 100PPM with a 4-20mA output Fed into a Brodersen trip amp (mounted within the main enclosure), trip amp can be set as required.

Intruder Alarms

Enable ships staff to leave the vessel after switching to “Ashore” mode. When in ‘’Onboard’’ mode the Intruder Alarms on the HMI display are indicated in conjunction with the respective inputs.

Battery Monitor

Voltages from two battery banks are monitored, a warning and alarm level is provided for each bank.

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