DP Alert System

DP Alert System by P&S Automation

Master and Slave Unit

A standard requirement for dive support vessels, used on a vessel being converted for the new task

This system which features one master and five slaves is used to warn dive controllers, when there is a problem with the vessels dynamic positioning system, so that appropriate action can be taken to ensure the divers safety.

We now stock these units, which can be built to customer requirements.


  • 230/115V 50/60Hz and 24Vdc versions available
  • Slave unit quantities as required
  • Small compact enclosures
  • Lamps are LED to give long life and low maintenance
  • Master unit lamps are dimmable for Wheelhouse installation
  • Built to customer requirements



Power Requirements: 24V DC, 110-220V AC ac 50/60Hz, to be confirmed with order
Consumption: Master Unit 40VA approx., Slave Unit 25VA approx.


Dimensions: The standard units are bulkhead mounted, the Master unit being 200mm x 300mm x 150mm (WxHxD), the slave units are 200mm x 200mm x 120mm.
Panel mount versions are available

Status Indication

Normal: Green LED illuminated
Degraded: Yellow LED flashing and sounder 80db@1m, then steady yellow LED when accepted
Emergency: Red LED flashing and sounder 80db@1m, then steady red LED when accepted
Louder sounders are available if required

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