Control & Monitoring System

Control & Monitoring System by P&S Automation

An Outstation HMI and Workstation Screen

The IMCS2200 – the next generation of Integrated Alarm and Control systems

The IMCS2200 is an integrated Monitoring and Control System that is especially suited to the Retrofit and Conversion market.

The system draws upon off-the-shelf hardware and software both of which come highly recommended within the industry. It is extremely flexible, scalable and reliable. Because it embraces industry standard open architecture ‘system owners’ can draw support from a worldwide network of System Integrators.

It is also the perfect replacement for Decca Isis Systems. The outstations utilise the same fixing centres and sensor wiring connectors of the original units in order to facilitate both fast and efficient upgrades.

P&S Automation give a 2 year warranty on all builds which is a true reflection of the confidence they have in the performance and reliability of the product.

The IMCS2200 is designed to meet the challenges of modern shipping today.

For a case study detailing the challenges faced on a recent Super Yacht project please click here.

Simplified System Overview

Control & Monitoring System by P&S Automation



Distributed monitoring and control system to UMS specification. With Input/Output (I/O) supervision and interface to serial links and pager systems.


Allen Bradley Control/Logix, CompactLogix and FlexLogix Remote Input Output (RIO) are all reliable high quality hardware.


The workstation interface uses ‘marine approved’ PC’s and peripherals.


The communication networks utilise redundant open architecture, namely EtherNet/IP and Dual ControlNet, depending on the specific system requirements.
The communication networks can use both traditional copper based cables and also fibre optic cables.

Typical Control Systems

Power Management
Propulsion Control
Cargo Control
Fuel Transfer

Cabin Call Units

Touchscreen colour display units or simple call panels as required by the customer.

Physical Attributes

In respect of retrofit and conversion applications, the IMCS2200 can be engineered to fit the space of the previous system. It can be supplied for ‘bulkhead mounting’ or ‘panel mounted’ outstations in sizes to suit the application.


The software is configured from proven blocks of re-useable software and is given to the ‘client’ with detailed documentation to reduce the cost of system ownership.


Both AC and DC power supplies can be employed providing they are battery backed. We can also supply these if required.

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