Clutch Controls

Clutch Control System by P&S Automation
Interior and Exterior View of Clutch Control

Adjustable, automatic, high quality pneumatic clutch control

P&S Automation have designed and delivered a pneumatic clutch control system primarily as a direct replacement for the Lohmann + Stolterfoht Rexroth clutch control system, however it can be adapted to suit similar pneumatic clutch arrangements.

The replacement system addresses key issues with the original equipment. The system uses top quality components, with the pneumatics provided and timers as opposed to the unreliable pneumatic timer valve and associated pilot valves. The requirement for the external control valve has been removed, and all components of the system are mounted inside the cabinet itself. The build of the panel is much simpler due to the removal of all the small bore control pipe work which is a common point of failure in the original equipment.

The system uses top quality components, with the pneumatics provided by Aventics (formally Rexroth) and electronics provided by Omron and ABB. All components used are type approved for marine applications.


  • Remote control of ‘clutch-in’ and ‘clutch-out’ via electronic signals
  • Adjustable clutch-in restrictor to vary clutch engagement timing
  • Electronic adjustable timer for changeover to working air pressure
  • Adjustment for working air pressure
  • Emergency operation inside the panel to bypass all controls
  • Internal air supply filter with auto-drain facility
  • 2 interlock inputs to prevent clutch operation for turning gear, shutdowns etc.
  • Automatic disengagement at low air supply pressure to protect the clutch
  • Dual power supply inputs, 24V DC or 110-220VAC with monitoring for both
  • Alarm outputs for failed power supplies, low air pressure, and indication of clutch engagement



Power Supply: 24V DC, 110-220V AC. Other voltages can be accomodated with a change of power supply
Control Signal: Standard 24V. Any voltage from 3V to 110C DC and 6V to 240V AC available on request
Alarm Output Signal: Volt Free Contact


Size (WxHxD): 600x760x210
Protection: IP66
Temperature Rating: -20°C – 65°C


Supply Connections: 10mm Compression
Control Air Pressure: 7 Bar nominal input
Output Pressure: Adjustable from 0
Auto Drain Facility: Yes, 6mm connection
Auto Disengage Function: Fully adjustable

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