Instrumentation, Control and Automation Systems

Clutch Control System by P&S Automation

Clutch Controls

Adjustable, automatic, high quality pneumatic clutch control made with top quality components

HVAC Control System by P&S Automation

HVAC Controls

Fully flexible HVAC Controls to cover any size installation, easily integrated with existing sensors and valves

Control and Monitoring System by P&S Automation

Control & Monitoring

The next generation of Integrated Alarm and Control Systems, built to your exact requirements

HarbourWatch by P&S Automation


Unmanned but always on message – the ship-to-shore system that keeps you in touch

Universal Alarm Annunciator by P&S Automation

Universal Alarm Annunciator

The complete solution for most applications, from a single generator to a complete plant

DP Alert System by P&S Automation

DP Alert System

A standard requirement for dive support vessels, built to custom requirements

Relay Interface Module by P&S Automation

Relay Interface Module

10 channel relay interface module built to meet a spares requirement for an obsolete system

Generator Control Panel by P&S Automation

Generator Control Panel

Our Generator Control Panel can be configured to suit any make of engine

Power Management System by P&S Automation

Power Management System

Industrial COTS equipment scaleable for all sizes of power plant software

AC Chiller Control Upgrade by P&S Automation

AC Chiller Control Upgrade

A control system which can be retrofitted to chillers and still mechanically maintained

Refrigeration Compressor

Refrigeration Compressor

Retrofit PLC based control systems for refrigeration compressors

Green Instruments

Green Instruments A/S

We currently hold stock in the UK of some more popular Green Instruments products