Design, Build & Testing

P&S Automation offer design of custom control equipment for marine & land based industries.

Our expert team specialise in PLC and SCADA based systems, offering design solutions for every application.

This includes design for replacement of obsolete equipment and systems, the design and customisation of display panels, and the design and modification of PLC systems.

Some examples of our design work include the Power Management System (PMS) that was designed and built with Lloyds approval within thirty days, and the DP Alert System that was designed and delivered within 2 weeks. More details on these are provided on our products page.

Design Process by P&S Automation

Design Process

P&S Automation design custom control equipment for marine & land based industries

Programmable Logic Controller by P&S Automation

PLC Systems

We offer a high skill level in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems and programming

Project Management by P&S Automation

Project Management

Good project management is crucial to the success of all projects

Variable Speed Drives by P&S Automation

Variable Speed Drives

Save money, reduce wear and improve conditions with Variable Speed Drives